TENCEL Lyocell

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Tencel Lyocell Women’s Clothing by prAna

What if we said that you can actually wear wood pulp? But if you’re picturing lumpy tree debris, you’re in for quite a surprise. Because TENCEL? Lyocell is one of the most versatile and comfortable clothing materials available. And the most sustainable.

Let’s start with what it brings to the table. Breathability? Check. A soft, gentle feeling against the skin? Yes, naturally so. Moisture-wicking properties? Oh, in a big way. And thanks to superior color retention, your clothes stay brighter, longer.

Now the flip side, what this fabric doesn’t do. Well, it sure doesn’t let the washing machine wear it down, because a sleek cross-section fiber structure keeps TENCEL? Lyocell holding strong and staying soft. It doesn’t release contaminants into the environment either, in fact, 99% of the water and chemicals used to make this fabric are reused or recycled (and that last 1%? Clean steam.)

On top of all this goodness, TENCEL? Lyocell is fully compostable, biodegradable, and made from one of the most.