Women's Travel Clothing

Clothing for Positive Change

Women’s Travel Collection: Wear-Tested & Perfected

Our collection of women’s travel clothing is designed to enhance your next journey without getting in the way. From city streets to mountain peaks, from tropical resorts to high mountain retreats, from taxi to plane to tram to stairs to completely lost and loving it, we have been there, and know what it means to have easy-to-pack (and wash), ultra durable, extremely versatile travel-ready clothes designed for the unknowns on the road ahead.

How to find the best travel clothing around

? Durability: stands up to days on the road and repeated washes in the sink
? Quick dry: speaking of washing, you want the material to dry quickly so you can keep moving
? Versatility: how many combinations can you create to keep the looks fresh too?
? Moisture wicking: no one wants to be hot and sticky. Ever.
? Packable: how tightly can you roll up your most essential travel items?
? Comfortable: whether you need some stretch or adjustability in fit, comfort is key.
Travel & Respect. Adventure & Preserve.
Find 7 rules to help change the way you travel in our STORIES Guidelines. As we all plan and prepare for our next adventure, we hope these guidelines will help us all respect, and appreciate the local cultures we encounter, adventure without leaving a trace, and preserve the beauty of the people we meet and the places we experience.