Chakara Fabric Collection


Advanced Compression Fabric

When you’re in the midst of a limit-pushing workout, we all know compression is key. After all, there’s no time to be adjusting your activewear while you’re holding Warrior III or chasing down that extra 100 meters. We get it, and we’ve got you.?

Chakara?? is our most compressive performance fabric yet, and it’s got what it takes to keep up with whatever you can dish out. Just one wear and you’ll quickly see how these workout leggings, sports bras, and support tops stay put through even your sweatiest moments (that’s the moisture-wicking at work).

Incredibly strong and durable, the feeling of Chakara?? helps keep you grounded and confident. Sort of like a friendly hug from your personal trainer, reminding you that there’s nothing you can’t handle, and keeping you motivated to push beyond your limits.?