Women's Stretch Zion Collection

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Women’s Stretch Zion Collection

Stretch Activewear for Women
prAna’s Stretch Zion has been a staple article of the adventurous for more than two decades. In the beginning, however, lovers of the great outdoors had no reliable stretch fabric to keep up with their active lifestyle. We knew something had to change.

prAna was determined to create a response to the need for fabric that stood up to the challenges of our bold and ambitious fans. Clothing you could take just about anywhere and have it move with you while keeping you comfortable wherever you found yourself.

What we came up with was Stretch Zion: a one-of-a-kind all-use fabric made from nylon that was tough, wouldn’t wrinkle, protected you from the harsh rays of the sun, and was quick-drying to boot.

Named for the awe-inspiring national park that continues to astound us, the Stretch Zion line has exceeded our own expectations, keeping up with our fans on countless adventures all over the map.

We meant for this collection to be up for anything: where will you take it?